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The pandemic is a significant burden for companies in particular. Regular quick tests are particularly relevant for areas where employees cannot work from home. These are primarily the areas of logistics and production. The safety distance is not always guaranteed there, because sometimes there is no other way in these areas. In order to avoid large corona outbreaks, rapid tests should be part of the corona prevention in your company in these areas.
Because if you have a corona case, your employees are threatened with quarantine, which may result in complete or partial company closings. Experience has shown that small corona outbreaks are also picked up in the media. The result: companies are quickly criticized as super-spreaders. This threatens not only monetary damage, but also damage to the company’s image. Therefore, in the current situation, you must always ask yourself the question: Is my company adequately protected?


Companies trust us

We are already carrying out rapid tests for a large number of companies. Our customers include: HDI Insurance, the Lower Saxony State Parliament, Treuhand Steuerberatung, Continental, Adecco for Amazon, b + m Surface Systems for VW commercial vehicles, IGBCE and many others.

Solutions tailored to you

You are welcome to test your employees in our test center.

Do you want to have all of your employees tested? We can also do that on site. Just contact us and we will find the solution that is most practical for you.


The PCR test - security in uncertainty

If a rapid antigen test turns out positive, the PCR confirmation test should definitely be done so that false-positive results are exposed before we have to report the result to the health department. We have our own PCR machines, which is why we are no longer dependent on external laboratories. This allows us to confirm or refute the positive test within 120 minutes.

For more information, please refer to our information brochure, which you can download here.

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